In the world of art, my paintings and drawings have been described as having a contemporary, surreal narrative and visionary attitude, which I have cultivated over the last  forty years. Recently, with the addition of spirit poles, I have extended my experiences and visions into the realm of sculpture. My art continues to evoke the relationship between elements surrounding mankind's spiritual and physical being in a symbiotic coexistence between the past, present and future. These works of art intend to transcend our everyday existence, reflecting a constantly altered universe.Through use of vibrant color, intuitive design and iconic references, my visionary images  combine to create art which is wholly new and  refreshing. All is phantasmagoric!



Richard Quigley’s artistic career is documented through individual and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Mexico. His art works are in galleries and collections worldwide. Quigley’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.,including but not limited to the Seattle Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, and the permanent collection at Maryhill Museum of Art .

Richard’s painting  has led him to study the art of different cultures which he shares through lectures and workshops. Quigley’s experiences seeking images and meanings for his art have taken him throughout the U.S., Central America, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and France. In 2009, Richard started his own line of wearable art incorporating his visionary designs. 

Richard is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and a Signature Member of the Color Pencil Society of America. He is a graduate of Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, Washington and currently resides in Eugene, Oregon with his family. 

Richard's  art can be seen at the "Mindpower Gallery" in Reedsport , Oregon.